In 2101, the average life expectancy is one hundred and ten. Miira Tahn, last Lady of Dhurai, is dying at just fifty-two. Faced with a slow, agonizing death, her only hope is Innerscape, a virtual paradise in which the Residents inhabit beautiful, digital bodies indistinguishable from the real thing. Or so the brochures say. But … Continue reading Miira

Quantum Wanderlust

What if you had all the time in the world? Thirteen authors answer that question with short stories about time travel. Go back in time to right a wrong, forward to see the future. No jump is too large, no method unfeasible, no lesson beyond learning. • Visit the past to learn a family secret. • … Continue reading Quantum Wanderlust

The Power of Six

What Would You Do If You Met Your God? The Perfect Read For Your Commuting Fans of Philip K. Dick and Asimov have a new collection of short stories to enjoy. The law of unintended consequences meets Murphy's law during a man's unexpected time travel. A grizzled veteran meets his god. And a loner discovers … Continue reading The Power of Six

Star Trials Tetralogy

Are you a science lover wondering what happened to the "science" in science fiction? Satiate your hunger with this "Geek Fest" cross between Star Wars and Lost in Space written by a physicist with over 20 yrs NASA experience. Includes the Star Trails Tetralogy PLUS the Compendium, a companion volume with a glossary; detailed information … Continue reading Star Trials Tetralogy

Honest Fibs

How Far Would You Go To Escape Your Life? A mermaid turns out to be the perfect bait. A young man in the Badlands discovers that even in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, your basic business principles apply. And a man desperate to escape his life finds out he's not the only one. These are just a few of the stories in Honest Fibs, a … Continue reading Honest Fibs

Pearseus: Mad Water

Ancient Greece—in space Yesterday's Crime. Tomorrow's Retribution All Lehmor wants is to warn the First of the imminent danger presented by the enigmatic Iotas—the planet’s original inhabitants, long thought extinct by everyone. But a chance encounter with Cyrus leaves him almost dead until the Iotas rescue him. Will they convert him to their cause, or … Continue reading Pearseus: Mad Water

Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight into It

High school junior Eris Miller thinks she’s having a bad day when her roommate’s boyfriend catches her stepping out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel. Then she gets abducted by scaly six-armed aliens with a strange fondness for the color blue, and her day suddenly gets a whole lot worse. Trapped on a … Continue reading Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight into It

Finished with Life but Unable to Die

Forever starts today… Michael Haynes is 91 and tired of a crumbling world. A terminal illness makes him glad - he’s certain his death will improve things for his children. One medical miracle later, followed by a car accident that should have been fatal, and dying doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Michael’s learning … Continue reading Finished with Life but Unable to Die

Pearseus, Rise of the Prince

Sci-fi fantasy filled with intrigue, murder, and betrayal. Fans of Game of Thrones and Dune have an exciting new series to devour, voted as one of the 100 Indie books you should read before you die. Terrified of an ominous prophecy and spurred on by a shadowy advisor, a cruel ruler sends the young son … Continue reading Pearseus, Rise of the Prince

Pegasus Colony: People of Akiane

In the year 2132, World Space Coalition sent three ships to establish Earth’s first galactic colony on the planet, Akiane, in the Pegasus Constellation. They were never heard from again.Three hundred years later a radio technician has discovered that the colony survived. But those of Akiane want nothing to do with Earth. Everything they have accomplished, … Continue reading Pegasus Colony: People of Akiane