The Cat Blog Diaries

Hi, and welcome to, The Cat Blog Diaries! The first picture book from The Cat Blog Diaries is now published and available for download: The Cat Blog Diaries is a fun and entertaining read for children and cat lovers of all ages. In Book One, Aragorn talks about cats, computing and blogging from a very … More The Cat Blog Diaries

Book Cover Reveal

I am about to publish a new book guys… This one is a little different to any I have published before and is specifically tailored to Children and Cat Lovers of all ages. I present to you, The Cat Blog Diaries. The Cat Blog Diaries The Cat Blog Diaries is a fun and entertaining read … More Book Cover Reveal

The Enchanted Hat

David is an ordinary boy, with an an EXTRA-ordinary hat! A hat that can take him to places, well beyond his wildest dreams! Sail on a pirate ship, dance with wild animals, go on adventurous, heart throbbing expeditions… it’s all possible with the magic hat! Hold on tight, because you are about to go on an EPIC adventure! … More The Enchanted Hat

Myrtle’s Game

Myrtle the Purple Turtle returns with another great adventure! Myrtle and her friends are turned away when they try to join in a game with others. The friends walk away, feeling hurt, but that’s just the start of the story. Find out how Myrtle, Gertie, Hurtle and Snapper solve the problem, in this second picture book … More Myrtle’s Game

The Eye-Dancers

Seventh-grader Mitchell Brant and three of his classmates inexplicably wake up at the back edge of a softball field to the sounds of a game, the cheering of the crowd. None of them remembers coming here. And as they soon learn, “here” is like no place they’ve ever seen. Cars resemble antiques from the 1950s. … More The Eye-Dancers