The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn

In this first instalment from The Chronicles of Geo, The Wizard, The Girl And The Unicorn’s Horn presents you with a children’s fantasy the whole family will enjoy.

Prepare to be transported to the magical land of Geo where people, goblins and even trolls live in relative harmony until things are drastically changed when the evil shadow comes with his demon hordes.

Suddenly, the fate of the people along with all of Geo will rest in the hands of an old worn out wizard, a ragtag bunch of goblins, and a mysterious little girl.

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Amazon Review: This is a great fantasy tale with superb characters. Kevin introduces goblins, trolls, a wizard, wargs, the girl, and the Pegasus. Oh, and humans too. It’s an adventure story for any age, with some thoughtful messages. There are some tough and harsh moments as every being strives to avoid and fights against evil. Some don’t make it, hence the realism mixed in with the fantasy, yet, we are left with hope for the future. Roughseas