My Books

My current project, Dreamscapes is a collection of short stories based upon dreams, daydreams, and fantasies. This will be my final contribution to my Short Stories & Poetry publications. After I have published Dreamscapes, I will be changing my focus and establishing myself as a fantasy writer.

I already have one fantasy book published: The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn which is the first book of The Chronicles of Geo. I will be continuing with The Chronicles of Geo and have already started writing the second book for the series: Elyysa & The Shyde of Darkness.

I already have plans for several other books for The Chronicles of Geo. Each book written for the series will be a stand-alone work with some if not all new characters. The one thing they will all have in common is the magical land of Geo.

You can find out more about my published works on the following pages:


Short Stories & Poetry