The main purpose of this site is to showcase my own work which consists of books I have published, music I have released, and any upcoming projects. What you will find mostly on my blog however are my reviews of books I have read and interviews of authors I have become familiar with.

I’ve always had a passion for books, and I’ve benefited from this kind of escapism for as long as I can remember. I love to read a wide variety of genres which probably accounts for the diversity in my own works. A synopsis for each of my works along with book covers and links can be found here: My Books.

While I’m an avid reader, I’m not an avid writer by any stretch of the imagination. My muse is a tyrant, unpredictable, and completely out of control. I have better luck controlling my two adorable cats who get away with anything short of murder. (Mm, maybe I shouldn’t tempt fate. Such a thing could lead to catastrophic consequences.) Consequently, you will find that my focus shifts to my music as a songwriter while I am said to be working on my next publication project. If you are interested in my music and want to get a taste of my debut album: There Goes That Sound you can find out all about it here: My Music.

As an avid reader, I’ve written a number of book reviews, most of which you will find on this site. However, I now only write reviews for authors who follow, and show genuine interest in other reviews I’ve written. If you are interested in my reviews on Amazon, you can find them here: Amazon Profile.

Want to promote your book on my site? Find out how: Free Book Promotions

My author interviews come from invitations I send out to authors whom I am familiar with through their works. (Books I’ve read and reviewed, and their website/blog) Each interview is tailored specifically to the author and their work and the questions are not even written until an author has accepted my invite. Even I don’t know what I’m going to ask them up to that point. I do this to avoid the monotony of using a ready-made questionnaire.

Finally, social media, and contact information are provided here: Contact.

I do hope you enjoy exploring my site and reading the posts on my blog.

Thank you for visiting.

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