Excerpt from Caboodle & The Whole Kit

INTERVIEW WITH THE PHANTOM I love the opera, but nothing had prepared me for what was about to happen. I decided I’d go to France and watch a show there. Since I am pretty fluent in Spanish I didn’t think it would be a problem. I couldn’t understand a bloody word of it! Then I … Continue reading Excerpt from Caboodle & The Whole Kit

Welcome Guest Blogger, Kevin Cooper

Mae Clair was kind enough to invite me over to hers as a guest blogger. It felt like going out for a coffee with an old friend. 🙂

From the Pen of Mae Clair

I’m happy to welcome Kevin Cooper to my blog today. Kev is an old friend who took a hiatus from blogging, but is back and going strong. He’s an avid reader, book reviewer, writer, and musician (not necessarily in that order, LOL). I’ll let Kev explain what’s been going on below. Please make him feel welcome with some comment luv and be sure to check out his website and blog!

Back to the Blogosphere

Hi Gals & guys! Well, it’s been over a year since I last blogged… A year and three months to be exact. and have just recently come back. I started my new site on March 5ththis year. Those of you who are familiar with me will know I had several blogs at one time. One for home life, one for music, and a couple or more for books and stuff. I got blogged…

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Excerpt from: Animal Tales

Excerpt From Misery’s Mishap (Animal Tales) This short story is based upon actual real events; names have been changed to protect the innocent. Scene One: Gibraltar. Current Date and Time: May 2nd 2014. 14.02.43 DDI (Doggy Detective Inspector) Pip here, investigating the scene of what was reported to be a major disturbance in the area yesterday … Continue reading Excerpt from: Animal Tales

Excerpt from: The Wizard, The Girl, And The Unicorn’s Horn

Without warning, the wizard stops and motions the goblins to be still. The goblins listen intently but hear nothing. They sniff the air but don’t smell anything. They look to the top of the mountains but see only the sky beyond the peaks. Grog’s followers look at him, but he just shrugs his shoulders. No … Continue reading Excerpt from: The Wizard, The Girl, And The Unicorn’s Horn

Revelation into Miedo 2

Miedo is now a teenager searching for meaning in life. He is fraught with questions regarding his childhood experiences and seeks answers to the paranormal incidents that haunt him. This is his secret life. He has shared his experiences with no-one and is filled with confusion and hatred for the demons that torment his soul … Continue reading Revelation into Miedo 2

Insights into Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear

Miedo’s fears develop from a traumatic change in his environment. It is a prime example of how the environment can have a profound effect on a child’s personality and whole being. A child’s personality can be disrupted by changes as fundamental as a simple cause & effect relationship to dysfunctional additive relationships. In Miedo’s case, … Continue reading Insights into Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear

Excerpt from The Devil’s Apology

My most fond recollection is one particular time when an Angel warrior came fighting his way through the ranks destroying everything in his path with a flaming sword. He must have been one of the seraphim. Seraphim are particularly dangerous enemies who are chosen among the ranks of generals and great captains by your god. … Continue reading Excerpt from The Devil’s Apology

My Books: An Introduction

Reflections: The Illustrative Version A collection of poetry and songs about love, life, relationships, and musings about things we can’t truly explain like dreams or Déjà vu, Each poem has an illustration that perfectly complements it. Reflections will open you up to feelings of awe and wonder http://viewbook.at/AmazonReflect Caboodle: & The Whole Kit Relaxing episodes … Continue reading My Books: An Introduction