Bye-bye Facebook!

It’s bad enough that my personal information and God knows what other details were compromised a couple of years or so ago along with tens of thousands, if not more, of other Facebook users. I deleted my account with Facebook back then. However, foolishly, a year later I decided to give Facebook the benefit of … More Bye-bye Facebook!

Correction To Last Post.

I’ve corrected the link to The Cat Blog Diaries in my last post friends… Sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to you can follow it here rather than go back to the post: Universal Amazon Link for The Cat Blog Diaries Thanks for your understanding my dear friends. 🙂

The Cat Blog Diaries

Hi, and welcome to, The Cat Blog Diaries! The first picture book from The Cat Blog Diaries is now published and available for download: The Cat Blog Diaries is a fun and entertaining read for children and cat lovers of all ages. In Book One, Aragorn talks about cats, computing and blogging from a very … More The Cat Blog Diaries

Book Cover Reveal

I am about to publish a new book guys… This one is a little different to any I have published before and is specifically tailored to Children and Cat Lovers of all ages. I present to you, The Cat Blog Diaries. The Cat Blog Diaries The Cat Blog Diaries is a fun and entertaining read … More Book Cover Reveal