The Cat Blog Diaries

Hi, and welcome to, The Cat Blog Diaries! The first picture book from The Cat Blog Diaries is now published and available for download: The Cat Blog Diaries is a fun and entertaining read for children and cat lovers of all ages. In Book One, Aragorn talks about cats, computing and blogging from a very … More The Cat Blog Diaries

Farlanders’ Law

Immune to influence, the Cull Tarr infiltrate the tier cities, and the Shiplord plies the queen for a bond that will cede her realm. Catling’s daughter, Rose, becomes collateral in a game of power, and the only way to save her is to lose her. Oathbreaker and lawbreaker, Catling rebels, and her power grows more … More Farlanders’ Law

Book Cover Reveal

I am about to publish a new book guys… This one is a little different to any I have published before and is specifically tailored to Children and Cat Lovers of all ages. I present to you, The Cat Blog Diaries. The Cat Blog Diaries The Cat Blog Diaries is a fun and entertaining read … More Book Cover Reveal

Oathbreakers’ Guild

Catling, an aspirant of the Influencers’ Guild, learns to wield the power of the garden carved into her skin. Friends are fewer than enemies, and those who wished her dead now plot her failure. Sworn to the young queen, she enters the world of Elan-Sia where the powerful maneuver for control of the throne. Amidst … More Oathbreakers’ Guild