Heaven is rays of sunlight dancing slowly on wheat stalks. It’s wind twirling itself around chimes hung from low tree branches, and robust bursts of scent and color, far beyond anything describable with words.

Heaven is a flightless crow, a promise of forever tied to a necklace, and hidden love letters tucked away safely inside a tree.

Heaven is a fire-haired boy named Rust and his love for Ancel, a boy full of storm clouds.

Heaven is all the tiny threads of hope that hold them together.

Review: I found myself captivated while reading a sample of this work and simply had to read more not knowing that it was a romance between two persons of the same gender… Rust and Ancel. At first, I thought Rust was a girl, which upon reflection revealed how shallow my own expectations of a person’s nature can be. And why could Rust not be a boy? is what I had to ask myself. I like it when an author can challenge my natural thought processes making me pause to reflect.

The language of the book is simple and the story is presented by both Rust and Ancel from their own unique perspectives. The work is beautifully penned and the metaphorical quality has the reader entranced by Rust’s connection to nature which parallels the relationship between Rust and Ancel. Each character holds at bay a whirlwind of emotions which they are afraid to reveal but nevertheless can barely contain as the fire within them for each other rages… The relationship, while mostly distant, is intense.

So why a four-star rating? First of all, I found the chapter headings confusing. Now, this is an easy fix and by itself would not drop my rating from a five-star. From the beautiful way this work is penned should have warranted five-stars, but what spoiled it was that sometimes, I wasn’t sure who was speaking. The voices of both Rust and Ancel sounded too similar. Changing the chapter headings to Rust, and Ancel would solve some of the confusion. But I think Ancel could have had a stronger and more rough sounding voice. This would have made five-stars for me all day long. Had this been the case, It would have been one of the most beautiful pieces of prose I had ever read for it truly is beautifully penned.