The Birthday Song

I updated this post with the YouTube embed and thought it appropriate as there are several birthdays for us in September.

Author & Songwriter Kevin Cooper

I wrote this song a couple of years ago. The Lyrics are very short and are sang faster at each step… Shown below. It’s just another silly song that may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

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It’s your birthday

Another year has come and gone

Open your presents

And have a drink on us

While we sing to you this birthday song:

Happy birthday, happy birthday!

It’s party time, take a look

Open the bottles and get some cans out

We’re gonna make you drink until you puke

We all wish you a happy birthday

And we’ll get you to the bathroom quick

So we can all laugh and have a jolly time

While you do the head in toilet trick

(Repeat Happy birthday… 3 times… each time faster)

So we can all laugh and have a…

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