Reviews Update

I know some of you must think I’ve been blogging like mad since I returned to the blogophere in the beginning of March. The reason for so many reviews so quickly is because I wanted to post all my old reviews from Amazon as quickly as I could while I was catching up on some reading and posting a few new reviews here and there in the mix.

I felt that I owed it to my fellow authors to post their reviews again since I deleted my old blogs which contained them over a year ago when I decided to go AWOL. I did so with no consideration for the links they may have created leading back to their reviews to help promote their works.

That said, I am happy to announce, I am all caught-up now and all of these reviews are here to stay. So, for those of you I have written reviews for, feel free if for any reason you would like to use my reviews in any way to help promote your work.

There will be a slow down of posts now I’m all up-to-date with things, but please do not take this as a sign I am tiring of blogging again already. Quite the contrary. I have recently downloaded close to a dozen books on my kindle and I am actually reading new works and prepping new reviews. I’m hoping to have at least one new review to post each week and want to re-establish author interviews as well (I’m trying to set realistic goals.) along with some promotional posts for my own work. (Yes, I’m actually writing again too! Can you believe it?)

I truly appreciate all the wonderful support I am receiving. Thank you all for your kind comments which I shall gladly repay as I visit your blogs during my new venture in the blogosphere.

Thank you so very much for following and reading my reviews. πŸ™‚

Published by: kevin cooper

I’ve always had a passion for books and music, and I’ve benefited from this kind of escapism for as long as I can remember. I love to read a wide variety of genres which probably accounts for the diversity in my own published works and the music releases.

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21 thoughts on “Reviews Update”

  1. Thanks, Teagan! It’s good to be all caught up so I can focus on new reviews now. Speaking of which, I’ve already got Atonement in Bloom on my kindle fire. As soon as I get finished with the couple of works I’m currently reading, I’ll be starting it… Looking forward to this read! Hugs back!

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  2. It’s lovely to have you back blogging again, Kevin. And I’m grateful to you for sharing previous reviews. It’s a treat and a great excuse to reblog them again, which I intend to do as soon as I have a chance to create posts to go with them. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend, and Happy Reading. πŸ™‚

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