Quantum Wanderlust

What if you had all the time in the world?

Thirteen authors answer that question with short stories about time travel. Go back in time to right a wrong, forward to see the future. No jump is too large, no method unfeasible, no lesson beyond learning.

• Visit the past to learn a family secret. 
• See the formation of a future dictatorship. 
• Assume responsibility for weaving the fabric of time. 
• Travel back in time to WWII. 
• Use a family heirloom to solve problems. 
• Wear an inheritance to visit ancestors. 
• Leave a dystopian future for the hope of something better. 
• Make history come true in an unexpected way. 
• Fight evil fairies to protect a chosen angel. 
• Live with the childhood memory of visitors until the day they arrive. 
• Seek medical help for a memory issue and get way more than bargained for. 
• Discover that with great power comes great responsibility. 
• Uncover the secrets of a pharaoh’s tomb and curse. 

Do the characters observe or interact? Is the outcome better or worse than the original timeline? Read these stories to learn how far they go, how they get there, and what happens when they return. 

The scope is virtually limitless, definitely timeless.

Review: I really like a collection of short stories where one enjoys all the stories in a work multiple authors have contributed to. This work offers a collection of 13 stories. Each story is exceptionally written and makes for a wonderful afternoon of light reading. A couple of my favourites from this collection are, Hat Trick, and Fabric of Time. If you’re into time travel, magic, and more, than this is worth the read, and best of all, it’s free!

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