The Book Of Psalms (Pocket Canons 15)

Through the ages, the book of Psalms has been regarded as the most inspirational of all the Bible’s books. It is not known how or when the collection of 150 lyrical poems came into existence, though many are ascribed to King David. The text is introduced by U2 singer Bono.

Review: While I like to older versions of psalms which this edition provides, I couldn’t get my head around the numerical ordering of things. There is no contents page which is rather annoying when looking for one’s favourite psalms. I ended up deleting this book from my kindle and will be looking for a better one… Unfortunate as I was really excited when I downloaded it.

3 Replies to “The Book Of Psalms (Pocket Canons 15)”

  1. Who knows? But, it wasn’t for that reason I didn’t like it more because it hinders progress when one wants to draw from a particular psalm either for oneself or to put a message across or even send comfort to someone.

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