A Ranch Bordering the Salty River

The book is the story (in verse and poetic prose) of Jonathan, a rancher who learns how to run a ranch in an environmentally conscious manner. He also learns how treat the animals humanely, and the employees justly. He ensures that a generous portion of land is kept feral as a wildlife refuge and a haven for local flora. As the years pass, he is daily battling cattle rustlers, horse thieves, contact hustlers, and to keep his family’s ranch eco-friendly. The drama unfolds until . . . 

Review: There is a sincerity that runs throughout this short work that touches the soul as Jonathon shares the joys, hardships, secrets, and the dangers that entwine the life of a rancher in Argentina. It is the type of storytelling that mesmerises the reader as told through the voice of a poet. It captures in me in the same mood as would a poem written by Frost… So much that isn’t said is very aptly implied.

The sense of becoming one with the storyteller is very real as one visualises all that is going on. One becomes the persona sipping mate while taking in the beauty of the landscape, the woods, and the moon. One’s senses come to life with the scent of eucalyptus, the permeation of cow muck, the witnessing and aid of new life as a cow struggles to give birth, or death for the unfortunate calf who wasn’t reached in time. The wild imaginings and anticipations of a child heading toward the chickens are measured against the precariousness of one’s situation as rustlers bid the need to holster one’s gun and sheath one’s knife.

The ability to say so much in such few words and such a short work shows the nature of a truly gifted poet.