The Annwyns Secret

Chrysalis is an Annwyn, a being of great potential and power whose purpose is the betterment of humankind. In a world ruled by the totalitarian hegemony known as the Unified Power, this task is not easy and everything is not as it seems. Together with her brother Joshua and their mysterious Irish friend Marius, Chrysalis must unravel the mystery of an ancient relic, which could be the key to her purpose in this existence. Her undertaking will be difficult when it is hard to distinguish friend from foe.

Review: If you like deep philosophy with a mix of Celtic mythology saturated by fantasy in a totalitarian ruled world The Annwyns Secret may be your cup of tea.

Chrysalis and her brother journey together in search of the secret to an ancient relic in their possession, but who can they trust with The Unified Power also wanting to know because it could change the balance of power in the world.

I thought this was a children’s fantasy for some reason, but it isn’t. The reading level is far too advanced and I felt the characters could use more development, hence the four stars rating.