Pearseus: Vigil

How Far Would You Go To Save Your Loved Ones?

Having lost everything to Altman’s machinations, Cyrus is rescued by his sister. They flee to the north, expecting to find sanctuary among the First. Instead, they are hunted by the fearsome creatures unleashed by the Iotas. With no help from anyone, is everything lost? Or can an army that’s been sleeping for the past hundred thousand years help them claim back the planet they’ve come to call home?

Review: Vigil, the third and final instalment of Pearseus is by far the more superior of the three books. In the same manner as Mad Water, the second instalment, more secrets are laid bare giving clarity to the warring factions, the history, the beliefs, and the truths behind each conflict. But, it wasn’t until reading Vigil that I actually decided who I wanted to win, or come out on top at the very least.

Vigil is thoroughly action-packed with some rather unexpected twists; there’s not a dull moment in the entire work and I found myself consistently pumped by all the possibilities of each conflict. I was impressed to the point that I am seriously considering reading through the entire trilogy at some point in a leisurely fashion… Probably when I’m on vacation.

I’ll most definately be reading more from Nicholas C Rossis.

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