Copper Swift: Back to Highbridge

If you love mysteries and family history in the style of Maeve Binchy, don’t miss this final book in the Windows trilogy.

The Smith family learns in 2011 they likely will lose Highbridge, their ancestral estate in North Yorkshire unless they find a way to generate income. They plan to build a water-wheel mill for craft flours on the Copper Swift River and a small cafe inside with their remaining funds; the Estate’s fate rests on their success.

Two generations face life-style change including Stephen Smith’s only son, Thomas and his fiancee Sarah, an American hired to research the family’s genealogy.

A mysterious prowler turns up at the oddest times in the old manor house looking for treasure and an unexpected helper begins to assist.

“Family values, faith, the will to succeed and a surprising discovery make this final look at the Smith family a poignant, but optimistic experience.” Linda J Pifer

In true Pifer style, Linda J brings us the third installment of the Windows trilogy… And it does not disappoint!

In the third book, more mysteries surround Highbridge as Sarah, now Thomas’ fiance, continues her research on Highbridge and comes across some letters containing new secrets about the ancestry. Mysteries unfold as secrets are revealed.

What I really loved about Copper Swift is how Pifer ties everything together from the first two books in a very clever way… My favourite being the second work… New Zealand Passage. It’s this bringing of everything together, especially from the second book that really makes this work for me and it provides excellent closure to the trilogy.

Pifer is a gifted writer with a knack for throwing in little delightful details of things like a cat, an owl, hot-cross buns… I simply love things like that.

The only reason I didn’t award five-stars, once again (As with her first book: Windows), is due to small confusions about who was speaking… but, this is easily amended and the author is in the process of doing just that, so I have heard.

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