Prodigy of Rainbow Tower

Luke Callindor and his friends are about to learn that the life of an adventurer can be brutally unforgiving.

Hungering for another adventure, Luke agrees to escort the heir of Serab along the L’dandrin River and into the safety of Gods’ Voice. A deadly gauntlet of cunning traps and savage creatures lay before the young warrior and his companions. Lacking the powerful magic needed to combat his enemies, Luke’s survival and victory may be in the hands of his newest ally. That’s if the temperamental Nyx doesn’t set him on fire first.

Luke will bravely face everything that is thrown at him, but how can he defend himself when he’s ignorant of the truth behind his mission?

I bought this book because I was really impressed by Beginnings of a Hero… Charles’ first book in the Windemere series. I’m glad I did. His deeply developed characters stayed true to their natural dispositions while new ones join the foray. Nyx is my favourite new character in this book, very closely followed by Trinity.

The depth of the story is nothing short of amazing, and there is never a dull moment within its entirety… It has to be one of the most action-packed fantasies I’ve ever read. It has a good level of humour which reminded me somewhat of Terry Brooks’ Landover series. And, there are some rather clever twists.

Yallowitz is way up there among my fantasy favourites now. I will most certainly be reading more of, The Legends of Windermere.

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