False Pretenses

A stolen election. Domestic terrorism. Extortion. Once in power, and consumed by greed, Pete Reeves will stop at nothing to have more of both. It’s a non-stop race around the world to prevent the President from going to war to further his own ambitions. Politics takes one unexpected turn after another in “False Pretenses,” the new political thriller by Scott Kramer.

Review: Starting with the book cover, it leaves no doubt as to the book’s genre and to where most of the storyline takes place. The picture was well-chosen.

The story has a strong beginning with chapter one introducing us to a presidential candidate and a catchy slogan that should bring out all the red flags. Then we are immediately introduced to a second candidate who has no catchy slogan and is pretty much on the defensive. It’s simplistic, but clever enough to hook you in.

The body of the story transitions logically and is a very easy, enjoyable read. Several times, my mind rolled back to the Reagan and even the Bush administrations which kept me intrigued because when one is reminded of something that really happened, it makes the story more believable and that’s always a good thing.

I did however find the story somewhat simplistic. There could be so much more going on in relation to the story both directly and indirectly that could have been included to make it a much stronger thriller and more dramatic. The lack of these elements left a couple of holes in the story especially towards the end. Notwithstanding, it’s a very good read.

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