The main purpose of this site is to showcase my own work which consists of books I have published, music I have released, and any upcoming projects. What you will find mostly on my blog however are reviews of books I have read and interviews of authors I have become familiar with. Additionally, you will also find posts highlighting free books as they become available through KDP promotions. Keep reading to find out more:

My Books

I’ve always had a passion for books, and I’ve benefited from this kind of escapism for as long as I can remember. I love to read a wide variety of genres which probably accounts for the diversity in my own works. The genres I have written in so far cover: Memoir/Historical Drama, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Drama/Suspense, and Poetry/Songs A synopsis for each of my works along with book covers and links can be found here: My Books. And here: Author Central.

My Music

Like my books, my music is multifaceted and covers the following styles so far: Folk/Country, Love Songs/Ballads, Party/Celebration Songs, and Indie Pop to Alternative. You can find out all about my music and listen to it freely right here: My Music And also at the following links: Youtube / SoundCloud / Routenote

Book Reviews

As an avid reader, I’ve written a number of book reviews, most of which you will find on this site. I review every book I read and am quite careful about what I choose to read because I now buy all my books from Amazon and write only honest reviews directly from my Kindle Fire. Most of my reviews are 4-5 star reviews. 3 star reviews pop up here and there but these are still good positive reviews. Sadly, on the odd occasion, I have been known to write lower star reviews. To maintain the integrity of an honest reviewer with Amazon, I no longer accept book review requests. If you are interested in my reviews on Amazon, you can find them here: Amazon Profile.


My interviews are all tailored to the author and their work. I don’t have any preset questionnaires made up. My author interviews come from invitations I send out to authors which I usually send after reading one or more of their works. That being said, Life is complicated and I don’t get around to everyone… so, if I have read and reviewed any of your works either past or present, and you are interested in being interrogated er, I mean interviewed (Smirk) feel free to let me know. But be warned, I like to have fun with my interviews.

Book Talk

Book Talk provides a place for you to come and talk about your new masterpiece. If you are about to publish or have just published a new work this may be just the thing you need to give it a boost. Here’s the link to find out more: Book Talk.


Finally, social media, and contact information are provided here: Contact.

Thank you for visiting.